Android TV Australia launch their new Kodi box

Android TV Australia are one of Australia’s leading kodi box suppliers. A kodi box allows you to watch various forms of content through your television. This can include movies, TV series and many other forms of content. You can even access Youtube and Gmail on these boxes all through your TV. There are many types of these kodi boxes on the market and they all vary from pretty poor to very good. So what is the main difference between the various boxes.

Well the hardware is the main difference in the boxes. Most of them have various combinations of hardware including different chips and random access memory but the software is almost identical on all of the TV boxes and this is something people do not realise. All of the boxes can access the same content but the performance of the actual box might not be the same much like most laptops will run on windows but not all laptops will perform the same running windows. Some will be slower starting up and some will struggle running different programs and it is the exact same with a kodi box.

According to the more memory you have the better. They recommend using a box with 2 gigabytes of memory to ensure a smooth performance. Although you can get boxes for cheap that have 1 gigabyte they will usually not run smoothly and can cause difficulty when running apps such as Kodi which can put quite a strain on the system.

YI Cameras Launch Their New Action Camera

YI Cameras have launched their new 4K action camera and it is a very impressive piece of kit. As well as being much cheaper it boasts a similar spec to other well known brands. It comes with a 4K camera as the name suggests that can record at 60fps (frames per second). It’s camera is 12MP so you are sure to get smooth high quality pictures and videos with this camera.

yi 4k action cameraThe YI 4K camera also is weather proof and splash proof which means it is not fully waterproof but a seperate waterproof case can be purchased to go with this so that is not a huge issue. It comes with a very fast processor and it is a very easy device to use with little or no need for instructions for even the most anti tech people out there.

A big selling point of the YI camera is the price point. It is over one hundred pound cheaper than most of it’s rivals. One thing it is lacking that it’s rivals has is a GPS which will you the speed you are traveling at. This is not a deal breaker for most people but it is certainly worth nothing indeed.

So who should buy this action camera?

If you are on a budget but looking for a high quality 4k camera then this is the action camera for you. It has pretty much the same spec as a new GoPro model only without the expensive price tag. It even comes with Sony parts including the camera and a amlogic processor so if you forget about the branding and marketing strength of the GoPro this is almost an identical action camera. The waterproof casing and a bluetooth selfie stick are optional extras which many people might also be interested in.


The benefits of Android 7.1 For Your Android TV Box

Every now and again, with increasing frequency, Google unveils a brand-new version of they are incredibly popular and dominant open source operating system Android.

Android 7.1 is the first iteration of the Nougat system, and is a complete and total overhaul of the Android platform for your boxand really represents the future of everything that this technology promises to be moving forward.

android 7.1 tv boxAndroid boxes all over the world are being updated to Android 7.1, but a lot of Android boxes haven’t had their systems updated just yet according to – mostly because Google doesn’t specifically push this operating system to hardware that they don’t create themselves.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your Android Box to the new 7.1 edition so that you can take advantage of all the new special features it brings to the table (not to mention new security benefits and security patches to better protect your hardware as well), you’ll want to make sure that you check out the inside information we highlight below.

Does it make sense to jump on board the Android 7.1 update just yet?

Every time Google overhauls they are Android platform you have to consider whether or not the new updates right out of the box are worth installing on your hardware or if you would be better off sticking with the previous version of Android and waiting until all the bugs of this new OS have been ironed out.

Android 7.1 promises to be the best operating system ever released by Google, with new security features, new multitasking capabilities, and new messaging capabilities – but as far as Android Boxes are concerned, it’s the new Vulkan API that allows for high-performance video graphics and 3-D graphics that make jumping on board this new version of the OS such an easy decision to make.

On top of the new graphics engine, Android 7.1 also promises to offer new virtual-reality capabilities that allow your Android Box to become something truly special.

If you’ve been looking for an all-in-one multimedia solution that changes all expectations, giving you the ability to enjoy high-definition video streaming capabilities, effortless multitasking options, and virtual-reality capabilities right out of the box – turning your Android TV Box into the go to streaming, gaming, and media command center so many are after these days – you’re going to want to jump on board the new Android 7.1 OS version just as soon as humanly possible and push it to your box immediately!


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