Android TV Australia launch their new Kodi box

Android TV Australia are one of Australia’s leading kodi box suppliers. A kodi box allows you to watch various forms of content through your television. This can include movies, TV series and many other forms of content. You can even access Youtube and Gmail on these boxes all through your TV. There are many types of these kodi boxes on the market and they all vary from pretty poor to very good. So what is the main difference between the various boxes.

Well the hardware is the main difference in the boxes. Most of them have various combinations of hardware including different chips and random access memory but the software is almost identical on all of the TV boxes and this is something people do not realise. All of the boxes can access the same content but the performance of the actual box might not be the same much like most laptops will run on windows but not all laptops will perform the same running windows. Some will be slower starting up and some will struggle running different programs and it is the exact same with a kodi box.

According to the more memory you have the better. They recommend using a box with 2 gigabytes of memory to ensure a smooth performance. Although you can get boxes for cheap that have 1 gigabyte they will usually not run smoothly and can cause difficulty when running apps such as Kodi which can put quite a strain on the system.