How to Choose a dash camera

Dash cameras are ubiquitous. These days everyone has one. Companies have flooded the market with hundreds of models and choosing one among this deluge of models can be tricky. This guide will help you choose a dash camera and not repent your decision later.

First, decide on the purpose of the camera. Ask yourself the questions – “What do I mostly shoot?” and “How big prints will I take, if any?”

Decide on the zoom – Zoom in on how much optical zoom you’d want based on what you often shoot – if holiday photos and party snaps are all that you take, be content with a camera offering 3x to 4x of optical zoom. If you are interested in shooting wildlife or you’d want to shoot far off objects, then go for a dash camera with 10x or more optical zoom. Note: Do not account for digital zoom, it can be accomplished using most photo editing software.

Decide on the megapixels – The bigger prints you need, the more megapixels you need. If you intend to view your photos only in your computer or take only smaller prints, you’d not need more than 4 megapixels. Go in for more megapixels only if you are keen on taking bigger prints. Another reason why you’d want more megapixels is when you intend to shoot objects that don’t fill the frame – like that distant aircraft or wildlife. More megapixels will help you crop your photograph better.

Look for other requirements – See if you have any other specific requirements and make sure your camera caters to those. For examples, landscape photographers want a wider angle lens. People who mostly want use flash might want to look for the flash guide number. Slightly advanced photographers may want to look for cameras that offer manual modes. Sports or action photographers would like their cameras to have extremely fast shutter speed capabilities.

Image stabilization – A new feature that is making its way into newer camera models. Make sure you buy a camera with IS (also known as VR, OS etc.). Enabling IS prevents you from having those blurred shaky photographs in low light.

Compatibility – Check for compatibility with your operating system, computer. If you are buying a second camera, it makes terrible sense for you to invest in one that can take the memory cards of the other. Same is the case even with the batteries.

Money – Fix a budget for your camera and spend only 75-80% of it! Yes, keep the remaining money aside to get yourself additional memory cards, rechargeable batteries and other accessories. dash cameras are ubiquitous. For a good range of dash cameras check out

So there you have it. Keep these criteria in mind when you are choosing which dash camera to purchase and you’ll be happy with the results. Just be patient and do your research and you’ll narrow down the options to something that will be the perfect fit and aligned with your budget. Good luck!

Why you should use a hoverboard to get to work

hoverboards ireland

Are you fed up of your daily commute? Sitting in packed trains or buses or even worse sitting in traffic with slight road rage in your car. This can be very frustrating and adds to stress levels that for a lot of people are already quite high from their work life. Many people have taken to cycling into work which is a great way to commute. You will feel great after the exercise as it is proven exercise makes you feel good and the fresh air will clear the head. But not everyone has this option or will want to do this.

Fortunately there is another option which is more modern and the way of the future. That is by using a electric hoverboard to get to work. By using a hoverboard you will save money on your commuting costs whether it be bus/train tickets, petrol in your car and they are much cheaper than most bikes. They are also very environmentally friendly so there will be less pollution. If everyone started doing this it could really clean up the cities around the world.

Not only this but they can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers an hour which is more than enough to get in and out of town quickly. According to the Irish website you can fully charge one of their hoverboards in just 1 or 2 hours and they have a range of about 15 kilometers. This is plenty to make it in and out of most cities.

There is still come confusion about the laws on this here in Ireland but the transport minister was proposing changing the laws on these so they can be used in the cycle lanes around the country. If that was the case it would really encourage people to use these hoverboards as a real way to tackle traffic and pollution in cities.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Buy An iPhone?

Although the various number of android smart phones have become more and more popular, it is still clear that the Apple iPhone is still the number 1 phone for the majority of people. One of the main reasons people were starting to turn to the android phones was that there are much cheaper options in the android range when compared with the iPhone. In fact, not only are the iPhone’s not as affordable as many of the android phones but with each new release they are getting more expensive and this is really pushing people away from being loyal with Apple.

That being said the iPhone is superior to many of the android counterparts so many will argue that it justifies the expensive price tag and that is a fair statement. Many people will end up with an android phone purely because they cannot afford an iPhone. But is there a way around this? Sure you can go to your local Vodafone store and sign up for a contract and they will give you a discount on an iPhone but then you are stuck paying an expensive contract and usually for 12 months just so you can justify having the iPhone you want.

But there is another way which many people do not realize is an option and that is to buy a used iPhone for sale online. There is a whole new market that has been created in the last few years selling refurbished iPhone’s which are hundreds of euro more affordable than buying brand new. What is the catch? Well there isn’t really one if we are being honest. The phones are usually in great condition with many of the parts being replaced. Websites like offer a warranty and claim that there iPhone’s are as good as new and after checking their prices you can save about €200 when buying a refurbished phone as opposed to buying out right.

This means that you can now choose freely one what phone you really want without having to compromise. There will always be an arguement as to whether you should get an android phone or an iPhone and there are cult followings on both sides. Find out what you prefer and go for a used version and you can be happy with the phone you have got all whilst saving a few quid.

Best Wireless Headphones For Travel

When Apple released the iPhone 7 on their phone in 2016 they allegedly killed the aux input jack but when one thing ends another world begins and that is certainly the case with modern day headphones. The days of using wired headphones were numbered once Apple released this model of iPhone and ever since then the world of Bluetooth headphones seems to be becoming more and more popular if not by choice then by the fact that the latest models of phone will not longer support wired headphones.

best wireless headphonesBluetooth also known as wireless headphones run on Bluetooth technology of which the latest is Bluetooth V5.0. This of course syncs with your phone so you can stream music from your phone to your headphones wirelessly. Only several years ago were these wireless headphones made affordable enough that now almost everyone has a pair but traditionally they had a bad reputation for having a poor battery and also using Bluetooth meant that your phone battery was also being drained faster than usual as Bluetooth is notoriously heavy on phone batteries.

Recently however with the introduction of Bluetooth V5.0 the batteries have gotten much better and also there quality of the connection is better meaning less lag and less interference to your matched devices. This combined with the newer versions of phones having longer lasting batteries means that Bluetooth devices are a much more attractive proposition than before. Also the fact that newer phones won’t have an aux input for wired headphones means people don’t really have a choice with these things anymore! Companies like Audio Ireland who are selling Chinese branded headphones at a good price means that now everyone can also afford these headphones which was not the case in the past.

Another addition to the world of headphones are noise cancelling headphones which block out unwanted external sounds in order to give you a more peaceful listening process. This is perfect for those of you who travel a lot, especially on a plane when you used to have to turn the volume up full blast now you can listen to your music in peace.