Best Wireless Headphones For Travel

When Apple released the iPhone 7 on their phone in 2016 they allegedly killed the aux input jack but when one thing ends another world begins and that is certainly the case with modern day headphones. The days of using wired headphones were numbered once Apple released this model of iPhone and ever since then the world of Bluetooth headphones seems to be becoming more and more popular if not by choice then by the fact that the latest models of phone will not longer support wired headphones.

best wireless headphonesBluetooth also known as wireless headphones run on Bluetooth technology of which the latest is Bluetooth V5.0. This of course syncs with your phone so you can stream music from your phone to your headphones wirelessly. Only several years ago were these wireless headphones made affordable enough that now almost everyone has a pair but traditionally they had a bad reputation for having a poor battery and also using Bluetooth meant that your phone battery was also being drained faster than usual as Bluetooth is notoriously heavy on phone batteries.

Recently however with the introduction of Bluetooth V5.0 the batteries have gotten much better and also there quality of the connection is better meaning less lag and less interference to your matched devices. This combined with the newer versions of phones having longer lasting batteries means that Bluetooth devices are a much more attractive proposition than before. Also the fact that newer phones won’t have an aux input for wired headphones means people don’t really have a choice with these things anymore! Companies like Audio Ireland who are selling Chinese branded headphones at a good price means that now everyone can also afford these headphones which was not the case in the past.

Another addition to the world of headphones are noise cancelling headphones which block out unwanted external sounds in order to give you a more peaceful listening process. This is perfect for those of you who travel a lot, especially on a plane when you used to have to turn the volume up full blast now you can listen to your music in peace.