What’s The Cheapest Way To Buy An iPhone?

Although the various number of android smart phones have become more and more popular, it is still clear that the Apple iPhone is still the number 1 phone for the majority of people. One of the main reasons people were starting to turn to the android phones was that there are much cheaper options in the android range when compared with the iPhone. In fact, not only are the iPhone’s not as affordable as many of the android phones but with each new release they are getting more expensive and this is really pushing people away from being loyal with Apple.

That being said the iPhone is superior to many of the android counterparts so many will argue that it justifies the expensive price tag and that is a fair statement. Many people will end up with an android phone purely because they cannot afford an iPhone. But is there a way around this? Sure you can go to your local Vodafone store and sign up for a contract and they will give you a discount on an iPhone but then you are stuck paying an expensive contract and usually for 12 months just so you can justify having the iPhone you want.

But there is another way which many people do not realize is an option and that is to buy a used iPhone for sale online. There is a whole new market that has been created in the last few years selling refurbished iPhone’s which are hundreds of euro more affordable than buying brand new. What is the catch? Well there isn’t really one if we are being honest. The phones are usually in great condition with many of the parts being replaced. Websites like phonesforsale.ie/ offer a warranty and claim that there iPhone’s are as good as new and after checking their prices you can save about €200 when buying a refurbished phone as opposed to buying out right.

This means that you can now choose freely one what phone you really want without having to compromise. There will always be an arguement as to whether you should get an android phone or an iPhone and there are cult followings on both sides. Find out what you prefer and go for a used version and you can be happy with the phone you have got all whilst saving a few quid.