Why you should use a hoverboard to get to work

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Are you fed up of your daily commute? Sitting in packed trains or buses or even worse sitting in traffic with slight road rage in your car. This can be very frustrating and adds to stress levels that for a lot of people are already quite high from their work life. Many people have taken to cycling into work which is a great way to commute. You will feel great after the exercise as it is proven exercise makes you feel good and the fresh air will clear the head. But not everyone has this option or will want to do this.

Fortunately there is another option which is more modern and the way of the future. That is by using a electric hoverboard to get to work. By using a hoverboard you will save money on your commuting costs whether it be bus/train tickets, petrol in your car and they are much cheaper than most bikes. They are also very environmentally friendly so there will be less pollution. If everyone started doing this it could really clean up the cities around the world.

Not only this but they can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers an hour which is more than enough to get in and out of town quickly. According to the Irish website https://www.it-directory.ie/ you can fully charge one of their hoverboards in just 1 or 2 hours and they have a range of about 15 kilometers. This is plenty to make it in and out of most cities.

There is still come confusion about the laws on this here in Ireland but the transport minister was proposing changing the laws on these so they can be used in the cycle lanes around the country. If that was the case it would really encourage people to use these hoverboards as a real way to tackle traffic and pollution in cities.